Brigade Joins Countable!

After taking an agree/disagree position, Brigade users create and upvote reasons for their side.
Civic profiles on Brigade emphasize areas of alignment between voters who might want to work together.
Elected office module and sample tweet from Brigade’s 2016 “smart ballot guide.”
Correlation between states where Trump over-performed and states where more registered Democrats crossed over to pledge for Trump on Brigade.
Post-signature advocacy delivery actions and district-specific advocacy reporting.
Rep Tracker helps a voter understand how well her representatives reflect her values over time and across a wide range of issues.
Advocacy organizations on Brigade create endorsement slates to organize their supporters around the most aligned and responsive candidates.
Civic Code Collective’s repository on GitHub, maintained by former Brigade engineers.



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Matt Mahan

Matt Mahan

Councilmember, San Jose District 10. Formerly Brigade CEO & Co-founder Brigade, SVLG and Joint Venture Silicon Valley Boards, and SJ Clean Energy Commission