Big City, Small Budget

Silicon Valley’s Bedroom Community

San José is the only major U.S. city for which the daily number of workers commuting out (shown in purple) exceeds those commuting in (shown in green). Source:
San José has a uniquely low ratio of jobs to employed residents. Source: City of San José, Office of Economic Development

Jobs = Tax Revenue = City Services

  • One-time development fees on new commercial construction
  • Ongoing property taxes on commercial, industrial and other employment land uses
  • Sales tax revenue generated by companies spending money locally and workers eating out, shopping, etc.
  • Hotel and parking fees generated by business-related activity, including conferences and other events
Source: Budget documents for City of Palo Alto, City of Santa Clara and City of San José.
Source: Governing,
Source: New York Times,

Walk and Chew Gum

Ankrom-Moisan rendering of a new housing development in the former San José Corporation Yard, being built by HMH. The project is walking distance to Japantown’s commercial district and will add new public space to the area. In and around Downtown San José and other Urban Village locations, these kinds of developments can address our housing crisis without exacerbating San José’s fiscal challenges.



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Matt Mahan

Matt Mahan

Councilmember, San Jose District 10. Formerly Brigade CEO & Co-founder Brigade, SVLG and Joint Venture Silicon Valley Boards, and SJ Clean Energy Commission